A project log for SDR Based Antenna and Filter Analyzer

Using an SDR, noise source and SWR bridge to create an antenna and filter analyzer.

Scott BraggScott Bragg 04/27/2017 at 12:360 Comments

Started coding my first iteration of the software today to get an idea of how GNURadio flowgraphs and blocks work. My first iteration is just going to use a power meter to sample the center frequency of the tuned SDR. The program would then change the frequency and take another sample in a series of steps and I expect it to be slow but it will also be a proof of concept.

This is because I have not learnt how to take the stream of a single window of samples, eg 1MHz bandwidth from my SDR. That will be the second iteration (don't give me the answer yet!).

I'm reading this ThinkDSP book and just up to the part about leakage and windowing and hamming windows so I think that might be relevant when I sample a section of spectrum a chunk at a time.