Rapid Prototyping the Entire Unit with the Batteries

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Dave NghiemDave Nghiem 06/12/2017 at 00:210 Comments

So far so good! We've got the circuit up and running in bread board format, and we now have a general PCB circuit board shape. But there's one other thing that needs to be addressed. Power. How the hell do you run this thing without power, right? Now, given that the form factor for this board is compact, the last thing I'd want to do is to stick either AA or AAA batteries on there. Those are ancient, obsolete form factors, and they make absolutely no sense for use in wearables, other than their ubiquity. Quite frankly, someone should put those form factors out to pasture, along with the horse and buggy.

Now, luckily, just two weeks ago my cell phone shorted out in the rain - actually it was my sweat -, so not only do I have a paper weight, I do have a functioning lithium ion battery that has a lot of juice, and it also has the right form factor for what I'm buiilding. So how do we go about prototyping this? Same thing, with cardboard and duct tape

Next we stick em together like a sandwich.

Then we test em on all angles on the sleeve.

So far so good! It's reasonably comfortable, although I can see that the weight can be a factor in many other garments, which is why part of my pre-requisites in building this thing is to have cable attachments that can lock down so they don't come undone very easily.

Next up! How do you know you're fulfilling your primary business functional requirements? In fact, do you even have any? I'll show you how I came up with my business/functional/technical diagram, and how it translates into building this thing. Also up is circuit lay out and design! Yay! I'm already almost to PCB stage!