Create renewable energy utilizing human kinesiological movement

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Technology advancement enables humans to be more connected than ever, especially with the invention of smartphones. As global warming becoming a increasingly prominent problem in today's technology climate, new alternative energy sources are a great area of interest of development.

GoEnergy provides wearer a renewable energy source deriving from their own movement.

The main mechanism of the device employ electromagnetic Faraday's law of induction. Each individual tube of the device house a coil insulated from a moveable magnet. As the magnet move back and forth inside the tube, it induces an alternating electric current in the coil wires.

Numerous tubes are attached to a band that a user can wear on their arm or other body parts. As they move around for their daily activities, the motion of their body move the magnets which in turn generate electricity. An AC-to-DC converter on the band transform the electric current to charge the user's phones or other electron

This is a priority list to address problems and add improvements to the project.

Improvements/Features to add:

  1. Energy generation: while it is true that electromagnetism can generate kinetic renewable energy, the amount of energy produced may not be enough for increasing power demand in smartphones. Technology such as superconducting make this goal possible, but not yet accessible on a mass consumer scale.
  2. Specific user types/other versions: a generic user may not be able to generate much electricity only by walking around during the day. However, specific users, such as bikers, hikers, athletes, emergency responders or people to live in "walking" cities like New York or Chicago, may find more value in the product. With that thought, other variations of the project, like a circular version attachable to a bike, may be a better idea.
  3. The current design may be too heavy (due to metallic parts) for user's comfort.
  4. Details such as adding a spring at the end of the tube may prove a significant increase in efficiency.
  5. Fashionable design: As it is imperative to wearable technologies, GoEnergy benefits from having a pleasing aesthetic that excite consumers.

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