Assembly and shipping

A project log for Paperino

An easy-to-use, open source micro ePaper shield for the Particle & Arduino community

MarkusMarkus 07/23/2017 at 09:030 Comments

It is finally done. We finished assembling and testing the Paperinos for our crowdfunding backers and it was more work than we thought. Why did nobody ever tell us that hardware was hard (I'm kidding, everyone says that all the time).

Let me walk you through some of the assembly. We got the modules assembled in China and ordered the breakout boards and shield in panels. Also we got the connectors for the shield and breakout, a stencil for the panel, a frontcover to stick on the display and most importantly the displays.

All modules were tested using our testing rig.

With this huge ( 550x550 mm!) stencil we applied the solder paste to the panels to solder the modules and SMT header on there.

The panels were reflow soldered in the oven. We then had to break all the boards out of the panel, stick the displays in, put frontcovers over the displays and test the end product. Finally our product was finished:

We packed it all up and sent it to CrowdSupply, who will take care of the fulfillment for us. We're quite proud that we made it and will be able to deliver to our backers on time.