Preparing experiments

A project log for Affordable Water Level Measuring Station

An Affordable cloud connected water level measuring station for developing countries.

MaartenMaarten 05/02/2017 at 10:300 Comments


As the test setup present in the laboratory was not suitable for our experiments yet, it needed some modifications. The tubes did fit threaded caps, so six of these were purchased to attach the different sensors to. This will make sensor placement and removal easy. An extra advantage of using these caps is that they close off the tubes and thus the conditions in the tube (e.g. temperature, humidity) can be varied.
The caps had to be modified to fit the sensors. Holes were drilled to attach the ultrasonic sensors and an adapter was 3D-printed for one of them. To fix the encoder on a cap, an encoder base is designed and printed.

The method with a float, of course needs a float. So this measure instrument is designed and printed too.

After producing and assembling all the test equipment, programming starts. All methods are programmed and temperature and humidity influences are taken into account, except for the waterproof ultrasonic sensor. So when this code is written, all experiments are well-prepared in order to pick the best measuring method.

Tomorrow (Wednesday the 3rd of May) we will have a tour through the laboratory and hopefully we can start with some of the experiments