It has been quite some time, but we are back!

A project log for Funky Light

"Funky Light" should improve theatre performances in schools, by giving teachers and students an easy to use tool to control the lighting.

LanghalsdinoLanghalsdino 11/05/2014 at 20:470 Comments

Dear Hackers, Makers and everyone who will read this project log,

we are back from the scary grounds of exams and other school stuff that invades your free time.

We finally managed it to build a crappy, but still quite solid case for the Funky Light hardware. In the next time we will deploy the hardware in assembly hall of our school and work more closely on the software.


We are planning to post a short update video of the working prototype of Funky Light.
The next step will be to publish the software and we will publish the source code too.

Langhalsdino :)