Second try :(

A project log for Funky Light

"Funky Light" should improve theatre performances in schools, by giving teachers and students an easy to use tool to control the lighting.

LanghalsdinoLanghalsdino 09/11/2014 at 22:020 Comments

This should only be a short update on our project.

We got some bad news for you :(

In the past days, our prototype got stolen, so it took us some time to get all the parts for a new run. But now the time has come for a new run, we soldered all the necessary and important parts on the board to begin a new testing phase. Hopefully we can show you some incredible pictures of the working prototype in the next days.

To make the time of waiting more likable we got some nice pictures of our unfinished Prototype for you.

----UPDATE -----

Ohh, what is that? We found a video that looks like it is a Video from the testing phase of Funky Light.


Sincerely Langhalsdino