The Mr. Meister Tabletop Brewing system.

An IoT enabled, 2 1/2 gallon beer and wine brewing system that is so easy a child can use it.

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Beer. It's been a driving force behind the rise of civilization. It's been the hidden cause for the creation of many a technology. It's been around for thousands of years. But it has also always been the domain of the select few, the Brewmasters. Recently there has been a rise in homebrewing, but the equipment is costly, messy to use, and sometimes hard to maintain.

Enter the Mr. Meister. The Mr. Meister will be a self contained, all in one solution for making 2 1/2 gallons of extract base beer (or mead or wine) from boiling to bottling. Using modern technology for IoT and Apps for Android and iPhone a user will be able to simply scan a barcode to set the machine's parameters and receive notification of bottling time. By encouraging the use of reusable glass flip top bottles we will be helping to reduced waste entering the landfills while allowing anyone to enjoy tasty homebrew of their very own.

The Mr. Meister will be an all-in-one unit that will allow anyone to create extract base beer with minimal mess and fuss. The unit will be controlled via a phone app and will use QR codes for setting machine parameters for kits and allow for custom parameters for your own recipes. With the Mr. Meister brewing real beer will be as easy as empty the malt into the brew vessel, add water, empty the hops packet into the hops strainer, empty the yeast packet into the yeast pitcher, close the lid and scan the code.

the unit will then bring the ingredients to a boil for the correct time, cool the wort, pitch the yeast and maintain correct fermentation temps for the correct amount of time. When fermentation is complete the unit will send a push notification to the app on the users phone to prompt the user to bottle. Easy to use, reusable glass flip top bottles will be used with easy to use carbonation tabs. Place a tab in the bottle, place bottle under the fill spout, press the button and the machine will pump the correct amount of fermented goodness in. Close the lid and wait for carbonation to occur. Viola!!! fresh made, all natural, easy peasy beer!!

  • BOM soon to come...

    Deadbot105/04/2017 at 20:36 0 comments

    So, I've started sourcing components for the control system. I'm currently eyeballing the Simblee boards for their ease of creating an interface for iphone and Android. Still investigating how hard it is to get their app to scan in QR codes. The brewing vessel is still eluding me. It's hard to find a ready made 3 gallon stainless steel vessel with a sealable lid at a decent price. Might end up using a cannonball style keg as the base($$$). Also still looking for a decently priced stainless heater element.

    I need to compare prices for stainless sheet, aluminum sheet and high temp plastic sheet for the outer case.

    Anyone following or viewing...I'd like some feedback. Do you think there should be an on device display or just keep all the interface on the phone app?

    If you think there should be an on device display, how far should it go? simple LCD, small display, or full on touchscreen? Remember more complex = more $$$.

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Great Project mate!

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musorotf wrote 06/09/2017 at 23:45 point

Small Display

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