Do I need Husarion Cloud to use CORE2?

A project log for CORE2 - A computer for robots

ARM Cortex-M4 + ARMv8. Motor interfaces. 54 I/O with UART, SPI, I2C, CAN. C++ 11 API. Cloud management. ROS-powered.

husarionHusarion 07/28/2017 at 16:020 Comments

One question we frequently hear is “do I need Husarion Cloud to use CORE2?”. The answer is simple: “no, don’t worry, we’ll provide offline development tools as well.”

To this end, we created a “Husarion extension” for Visual Studio Code that prepares the development environment for you, installs the toolchain, and downloads the SDK. This lets you develop code for your robot completely offline.

Installing and using “Husarion extension” is straightforward:

  1. download the Visual Studio Code
  2. install the Husarion extension
  3. write code and flash CORE2 using USB cable

If you’re a user of Emacs, Vim, Eclipse, or any other code editor or IDE, you can download our SDK and configure your favorite development environment as well.