Final Mk1 Schematics!

A project log for Project W.I.S.E.

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Chris 06/11/2017 at 04:440 Comments

So as promised (better late than never) here is the first revision of the schematics. I based the design very heavily off the work of [sprite_tm] with a few simple modifications of my own. Additionally I swapped out the charging IC with one capable of handling solar charging. It is pretty expensive.

One of my favorite little tricks that I used was in regards to the single ADC on the ESP8266. I needed to sense both battery voltage and the resistance of my input buttons. In order to get around the limitation imposed by one ADC I am using a analog switch IC. So when I need to sense battery voltage all I need to do is briefly toggle the switch.

I am sure that I hooked something up wrong; this is the most complex schematic I have ever made. If anyone would like to double check my work please let me know! The eagle .sch will be available below in addition the BOM on

Please disregard the BOM upload under the files section of the page. I will update the .sch so that it will upload correctly. Use this link instead