Schematic Update

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Project WISE

ChrisChris 05/24/2017 at 02:050 Comments

Just thought I would give another quick update. The schematics are still being created but they are in the home stretch. For now please gaze upon this wonderfully artistic outline of the schematic. It's not much but it's what I have for now. As soon as the real schematic is finished I will post it. After that it will be a PCB and components and hopefully we will have something that at least sort of works!

This is the most complex project I have taken on thus far and I have to say that I am learning a lot. It is a bit scary to think that this may not work the first time around but I guess that is part of the fun, right? If anyone would like to take a once over my schematics and board files before I have them shipped off please send me a message! Until then, enjoy this wonderful picture.