2014 First prototype: Radiant² + OHR

A project log for RadiantBoard

A new type of tangible interaction

TNTeam305TNTeam305 07/03/2017 at 21:070 Comments

The Radiant² is an augmented game board that allows the user to interacts with a videogame by placing tangible blocks on the board and manipulating them.

The design aimed at creating a close link between the user's physical actions and their effects in the game, thus reducing the gulfs between the real and the virtual world.

The idea behind the Radiant² is born in the 2014, as a research for Tangible Game Interfaces at the University of Trento, and is designed to interact with a videogame called OHR.


On the 22nd of October 2014 the team behind the Radiant² was awarded the Jury Prize at the CHI Play 2014 Student Game Design Competition (SGDC) for their game OHR and its augmented gameboard, Radiant².