Parts ordered, social parameters being decided

A project log for A society of things

A network of household objects developing personalities and opinions as they chat about the weather.

shlonkinshlonkin 07/31/2014 at 13:120 Comments

I have ordered enough parts for 10 nodes, though I don't know if I'll actually make that many. I think I'll start with just three or four and if things work well I'll make more. The controller is an ATtiny85. The sensors at this point are a thermistor and a photoresistor and I have one more open pin on the controller in case I want to add something else.

I've also begun coding. I got the basic stuff mostly out of the way, like the IR communication. The 38kHz carrier wave is made by a timer and the rest is bit banged with timing similar to the NEC remote control protocol. I doubt any other remote controlled stuff in the room will react, but I may have some trouble turning on the TV.

Right now I'm figuring out the social interactions. Specifically, I'm thinking about the parameters and how they affect and are affected by interactions. Nothing is completely set yet, but I'm thinking of the following. I'm sorry if this looks like an indecipherable wall of text. Things will be better described once they are set.

*Note: exchange means exchanging environmental data. Propose means to propose friendship or enemyship, default relationship is neutral.

Personal parameters: confidence, honesty, desire to socialize

Parameters concerning each of the other nodes: affection, trust, perceived social status, relationship

Parameters affect conversation in the following ways.

Parameters are affected by conversation in the following ways.

Parameters affected by environment:

I have thought of writing up a set of equations intertwining everything(imagine a far less elegant set of Maxwell's equations), but there is nothing yet.