Again... Without the Oops

A project log for PaperBack: A Desktop EPaper Monitor

EPaper monitor driven by either VGA or an Internet Connected ESP32.

PKPK 05/31/2017 at 03:450 Comments

A series of (both unfortunate and scheduled) events kept me busy in the last few weeks, but I did have some time to send out v1 of the PCBs.

Unfortunately, in my haste my schematic was (very) wrong - I messed up the negative feedback stage on the LT1945. Pretty badly too - the one I powered up is no longer with us.

Umm, don't build this. Just shake your head with/at/near me:

I was able to bodge a few by removing C1 and building some nonsense on protoboards, but I'll spin a new board. @Johnny Karamello suggested I take a look at TI's selections and specifically the TI TPS65185x, so I'll gather my courage and think about how to hand solder a QFP with a bottom pad (Suggestions? Big hole on the bottom, flood with flux and paste?).

Here's a bodge in all its glory!

All you can do is laugh... and design then spin up some new boards. I'll try to get some v1 boards going, regardless.
Captain Steven Hiller: What do you say we try that one again?
David Levinson: Yes, yes. Yes. Without the "oops".

Send me your funniest/most impressive/most hacky bodges for motivation? Haha - stay tuned, I'll sort it out.