"Design Your Concept"

A project log for Serious desktop CNC mill

On its fourth revision, designed for heavy-duty use machining aluminum and possibly steel

dbtayldbtayl 04/30/2017 at 16:040 Comments

This post is to address how this project has been thought through, to qualify for the 2017 HaD Prize.

The short answer is that most design aspects have been refined from previous iterations of the mill, so a lot of problems have been caught already. Some of the big concerns:

Two big unknowns remain: Chip removal and an enclosure. The first I hope to solve by building an air blast/mister system to blow the chips away from the machine, instead of letting them pile up and manually removing them.

Enclosing the machine shouldn't be too much of an issue. Right now I've got some plastic pieces I clamp on to mostly keep chips out of my face; it would be ideal to have that extend around the entire machine.

Adding ways covers would probably be a good idea as well, but I don't have a good solution for that yet. It works without them, but it would be great to not worry about chips getting in there.