Upgrades! New spindle, coolant

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On its fourth revision, designed for heavy-duty use machining aluminum and possibly steel

dbtayldbtayl 11/23/2017 at 02:360 Comments

Time for some upgrades. I got sick of being stuck with 1/4" tooling (lots of fun cutters- dovetail, keyseat, etc.- seem to start at 3/8" shank), so I got a spindle that takes ER16 collets. Now I can go up to 3/8" tooling! Same RPM and power specs, though.

Tooling comparison:

There's also the new coolant system- more on that later. Basically a pressure regulator, reservoir, mixing block, and a nozzle. A quick test indicates it works really well. I'll be more excited once it's actually installed.

Maybe eventually I'll actually get back to building stuff instead of building stuff to build stuff...