H-Bridge Install

A project log for Robot Panda

Robot Panda is a kids toy turned high tech. I am installing 2 arduino mega's and tons of sensors. To make a fun interactive robot.

RoboPandaPDXRoboPandaPDX 07/27/2014 at 16:111 Comment

I do most of my shopping at I found some h-bridge boards. these are well labeled and can drive 1 amp. this week i am installing 5 boards to run 10 motors for movement. hopefully i will get some programming done on it too. I will at least get a diagnostic program written so i can test all the motors.


RoboPandaPDX wrote 08/02/2014 at 16:47 point

i bought 4 x motor drivers from the link above. ihave used these in several projects. they are awesome. It can push 1 amp which is fine for the little toy motors in the panda. i have soldered them to a board that will fit in the panda and am now soldering all the paths for the board. i would love to etch a board for these components later. so i have made all the breakouts removable. this will also help if i burn one out over the long run.

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