Capacitive touch

A project log for Robot Panda

Robot Panda is a kids toy turned high tech. I am installing 2 arduino mega's and tons of sensors. To make a fun interactive robot.

RoboPandaPDXRoboPandaPDX 08/22/2014 at 17:180 Comments

I have added 11 touch points to panda. 2 on the head, 2 on each arm , 2 on the chest, 1 on the tummy, 2 on the back. This will give panda some interactivity. i used a mpr121 capacitive touch breakout. it allows 12 connections to 1 wire touch pads. i can now touch the outside of panda and the touch pad inside registers the touch. I will add more later after i get it all programmed. I am using a arduino pro mini on an i2c connection to send the data to the Mega in the brain. The library was difficult for me to get installed. for some reason it just had problems. i tried several different sample codes and libraries. finnally i deleted the whole library and reinstalled then it worked great. Wierd oh well no time to figure out exactly why. just keep chugging forward.