A project log for Robot Panda

Robot Panda is a kids toy turned high tech. I am installing 2 arduino mega's and tons of sensors. To make a fun interactive robot.

RoboPandaPDXRoboPandaPDX 08/22/2014 at 19:280 Comments

I will be adding a Galileo to panda to replace the mega. however i am concerned that the lack of digital pins may be an issue. I am basing my communications system on i2c so that i can keep panda from becoming a spaghetti mess inside. I may have to use a multiplexer to get more digital pins. 

I have recieved my Galileo Gen 2. I have decided for now that since the 2 mega's are communicating great i am going to keep using them in panda until i reach thier limits. The galileo will be used in an upcoming biosphere project i am making. i will document the build, research and results in about 2 weeks i start.