Analysis of the Effective Range of Bluetooth Links

A project log for CEMN - Community Engagement Mesh Network

Under served communities can benefit from the exchange of information through local mesh networks to exchange critical notifications

hlewhlew 06/12/2017 at 07:280 Comments

To reduce the complexity of what needs to be implemented to facilitate the actual messaging process on the handsets for the users, we decide to use an existing application call "Firechat". Firechat is interesting in that it can use either Bluetooth or WiFi infrastructure to deliver the message to the intended recipient. It also have the ability to use handsets in it local environment as a relay if it is not close enough to a Bluetooth or WiFi node.

There are limitation on the effective distance a handset can be away from an active node. This update looks at some of the factors affecting the effective distance of a handset from a node for a Bluetooth link. The practical range of Bluetooth enabled handsets from the node determined the node spacing in the original overall specification document.