[ModAir] TFT LCD Module

A single board computer with TFT LCD screen for the ModAir project

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This module allows a single board computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoard) with an LCD screen to be used as a primary-flight display (PFD) or multi-functional display (MFD) to view and control sensor data on the ModAir bus.

This module is a sub-system of the ModAir project. Refer to the main project page for details:

Status: very much early days... for now I am focusing on the sensors and hardware;

In the meantime, I would appreciate any suggestions on GUI frameworks that would simplify the development of graphical widgets, moving maps and synthetic vision (i.e. integration with open source elevation, terrain and map data). Android or Linux?

For South African airspaces, ATNS supplies a Google Earth KMZ file.

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Justin Hornosty wrote 06/02/2017 at 18:34 point

Wondering what your thoughts are on the screen. I have seen quite a few of these but at the price I get the feeling it's going to 'work' but have terrible viewing angles,washed out colors, and just overall look bad. 

While i'm not expecting the world from a <$30 screen however the screens on some of the cheap tablets for instance are basically unusuable. 

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Rene wrote 07/09/2017 at 13:23 point

Hi Justin, sorry I only saw your comment now. Besides a quick power-on when I received it, I haven't really used it much. It is definitely not sunlight readable, but the colors seem good enough for most purposes. When the ribbon cable is facing downwards, the viewing angles (relative to the perpendicular) are only around +20 and -30 degrees to the top/bottom, and about +70 to -70 degrees to the sides. I will send you some pictures.

PS: I have changed the screen listed under components. The one we are referring to is similar to this: The part number printed on the metal at the back is "YX108070L15 SMT 141127".

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