Compression Garment version 2

A project log for Lymphedema Compression Garment

A remedy for lower extremity Lympedema sufferers, that solves the problem of swollen blistered toes

astridavastridav 10/16/2017 at 22:140 Comments

1.  Developed revised wrap design in both cotton only.

Design file for wraps version 2 lives here: (Lymphedema_wraps2.pdf)

The ivory section of the file shows the cotton cut.

Laser cut settings on the 60W Epilog laser were the same for both materials, 100speed/40 power/50 frequence

2. The assumption is medical tape will be used to hold the end of the wraps on the foot.

3.  Delivered 20 initial test cuts of wraps to Karen Lombardi, our RN to test on the subjects feet.

4.  Karen wrapped subject 1 - Jon in the wraps.  The wraps were short and Karen requested revisions.

     Initial results showed some promising swelling reduction, with most toes seeing 3mm in size reduction from a 24 hour wrap period.  Cotton wraps caused no reaction to the sensitive skin in this timeframe.

5.  Design changes were requested.   We move on to a revised design- design 3.