Compression Garment version 3

A project log for Lymphedema Compression Garment

A remedy for lower extremity Lympedema sufferers, that solves the problem of swollen blistered toes

astridavastridav 10/16/2017 at 22:240 Comments

1.  Developed revised wrap design in cotton only.

Design file for wraps version 3 lives here: (Lymphedema_wraps3.pdf)

The ivory section of the file shows the cotton cut.

Laser cut settings on the 60W Epilog laser were the same for both materials, 100speed/40 power/50 frequence

2.  Medical tape will be used to hold the end of the wraps on the foot.

3.  Delivered 8 initial test cuts of wraps to Karen Lombardi, our RN to test on the subjects feet.

4.  Karen wrapped subject 1 - Jon in the wraps.  The wraps were longer and thinner than previous versions, and worked better.

     Initial results showed some promising swelling reduction, with most toes seeing 3-6mm (6mm on the big toe) in size reduction from a 24 hour wrap period.  Cotton wraps caused no reaction to the sensitive skin in this timeframe.

5.  Design changes were requested.   We move on to a revised design- design 4, with additional fabric for the big toe wrapping.