Log #89 - CondomBoard specifications

A project log for Internet of Condoms

Putting WiFi into condoms to revolutionize our sex lives

aryaArya 05/03/2017 at 00:590 Comments


  1. ESP-12, no doubts
  2. Some kind of ADC setup to measure the
  3. EPIC - with some space around to apply gunpowder on top of it
  4. One WS2812 on the board
  5. Battery charger IC
  6. Vibromotor
  7. Microphone - using I2S, like this one
  8. I2S DAC for the tweeter (what the hell, we have a tweeter? I guess that's happens when project contributors edit the description =D )

Something else? I need ideas, I'll draw the first board as soon as I'll have some free time.