1. General Idea

The Conceptualized device will be a small module capable of Laser / Radio communication and certain swarm intelligence.

Small form factor and low energy consumption is of interest. The construction material will be fused Quartz / Glass /Muskovite mica (all plentiful in the planet) . Special capabilities are brought into action by Azurite/Malachite minerals with their unique spin properties.

2. Reasons for Choosing Glass

Glass is an Awesome thing, as my American colleagues would say. Glass has its unique quantum properties and can act as both an insulator as well as a semiconductor and many other things considering spintronics. Glass can be manufactured easily from sand and soda, and can be fused with Quartz to give it even more functionalities.

From a user perspective, it is fire retardant without the use of chemicals and can be stronger and cheaper than plastic and absolutely environmentally friendly (100% recylcable / naturally degradable).

So at the end of the life, the result will not be this:

but this :

or this :

(Yes, that's real)

Anyway, that's the Utopic vision with glass - but I am actually more interested in the properties of glass an insulator.

  1. Glass can be made corrosion, chemical and fire resistant. Since IoT devices will be used in a plethora of places, this is a very handy property to have.
  2. Glass is a great insulator : Let's not forget these beauties :
  3. Glass can be metal reinforced to provide crosstalk shielding
  4. Glass has some impressive quantum properties, which can be exploited to control the circuit beyond conductor lines.


[Image credits : google and respective providers]