Getting a handle on the Grand scheme

A project log for IOTA the brain of the house

IOTA is an attempt to bring smart homes back to it's roots. Data accessibility. Knowing what the house is doing not just controlling it.

thebestjohnTheBestJohn 06/12/2017 at 20:450 Comments

Started planning out the project. A good scope first off is to get my electrical usage being monitored and reported to the system. I've been looking into how I want this to progress. Electrical and household thermal/humidity monitoring is a primary goal.

I've been thinking that for the room to room thermal I can make some form of RF monitors that sip amperage and report on their battery capacity.

Overall I've decided that my main interface will be with a wall mounted Pi that connects to my server where all the information is stored. Not sure how I want to handle synchronicity with the server and UI.

On the "convenient" side of things, I want to hook this up to my todoist account. The idea here being that the data in my house helps me populate my todo list automatically. I've got some work done on getting my todo list and keeping it locally in lua. I've also done a bit of work on a Telegram bot that can respond to commands in some form of meaningful way in the future.