Some Proof of concepts.

A project log for IOTA the brain of the house

IOTA is an attempt to bring smart homes back to it's roots. Data accessibility. Knowing what the house is doing not just controlling it.

thebestjohnTheBestJohn 06/12/2017 at 21:440 Comments

I've been working on some of the UI considerations for my Hue lights. The plan for them is mostly to be an input node for events that get triggered. A task on todoist is due? They flash to remind me. The front door is open while my alarm is armed? They all flash red.

On the user facing side, something simple need to be vetted out. I imagine adding a floor plan onto my UI where you can select the location of the hue light and control it via the touch screen. I'd designed a proof of concept in the past that used something light this with this exact use in mind.