Drilled Enclosure

A project log for DMX-84: Calculator-Controlled Lights

Control DMX equipment, such as lights, from a TI-84

alex-cordonnierAlex Cordonnier 08/09/2014 at 16:440 Comments

(This log details work from December 2013)

Since I was home for winter break, I went over to my grandpa's workshop to get some help drilling holes for the enclosure. Before I went, I made sure to measure all the hole dimensions and mark them on the enclosure.

My grandpa and I used his drill press to make the XLR, link cable, USB, and LED holes. For the USB port, we made two adjacent holes and then filed it down to make it rectangular.

The XLR jack was the toughest because we didn't have a drill bit large enough, and the largest one we had was rusty. It needed to be 7/8" diameter, but we only had a 1/2" bit.

While we were drilling, it slipped and tore through the edge of the enclosure, but that is covered by the XLR jack's faceplate anyway. It's actually fortunate because now I can slip the wires in and out of the jack easier. We had to spend a lot of time filing and sanding the hole down to make it big enough for the XLR jack.

The other slight problem that arose was that the enclosure was warped slightly on the XLR end when it was in the clamp. That's why the lid doesn't mate perfectly anymore, but it still screws together just fine. You can see the warping in this picture: