• Finnished!

    Øystein05/08/2017 at 22:21 0 comments

    Progress has been made! first I added at knob on the screw that secures the rosette. then I printed 3 more on the delta printer:

    Assembly time! I captured a timelapse of the first part the assembly/modification of the shoeshelf. The sceond part, well my dji osmo turn off because of ehm, empty battery reasons. (It only lasts about on hour in timelaps mode).

    First shelf assembled!

    The 3d print is strong and did exactly what it was supposed to do.

    Now i don't have to be bothered with shoes all over the floor! Project success!

  • Progress!

    Øystein05/05/2017 at 15:36 0 comments

    So I printed out the pieces on a delta 3d printer and a ultimaker original. I have never tested a deltaprinter before so that was fun. It turned out that mostly the design worked as intended. One mistake I made was that the spheres where to small.

    I then made the spheres 3mm instead of 1mm. And printed it again on the deltaprinter.

    This looks much better. I printed out the rest of the pieces and assembled it with m5 screws and locknuts:

    Finally at testfit on the rail it should be mounted on:

    Yay! It mounted firm and secure! This looks very promising! I made some minor tweaks and I am going to print out new brackets tomorrow.

  • The reason

    Øystein05/02/2017 at 20:53 0 comments

    anThe whole miniproject started with a rather annoying shoeholder I have in my home.

    The whole bracket depends on one screw to keep it from spinning around. That screw is on the same axis at it would spin. That means it regularly dumps a load of shoes on the floor. Not convenient. Here is a closeup of this stupid bracket.

    My plan is to scratch the whole bracket and mounting point and 3d print my own. My design incorporates a locking rosette and m5 screws with locknuts to keep the thing together.

    Close up of rosette:

    Next step is to print it out and see if it actually works. Wish me luck!