WiFi Retrofit 120vac 3-Way Light Switch PCB

A 3-way WiFi retrofit designed to allow tablet/smartphone dontrol of a light switch. To be placed in standard single gang switch box.

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Uses an Esp12-e to relay control an existing light switch via WiFi. Intended as a 3 way RETROFIT becuase it utilizes a HiLink PM03 power module to provide regulated power for the relay AND the Esp12-e.

The advantage of using the SPDT relay is obvious in the event of communication/network failure. 3-way will still allow the use of the "standard" physical switch control.

The relay is limited to a MAXIMUM of 125 volts AC at 2 amps, and added a 3amp micro-fuse for safety.

I have successfully made several of these circuits,
programmed using Tasmota firmware,
loaded using Arduino IDE.

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