DIY Raspberry Pi UPS Hat (Up to 11min power)

This is my diy UPS hat that i use with my raspberry pi 3. It can power the raspberry up to 11 minuites when the micro usb power drops.

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Hello. I have another project to show today. I made a UPS hat for my raspberry pi 3 out of reused parts (old ebay powerbank, a battery from old BT headphones and a 5v li-ion battery charger that cost me 1$ on ebay).

The connections are easy:

Connect the +/- of the battery to the charging module B+/B-

Connect the OUT+ to 5v pin and the OUT- to GND on the raspberry

Maybe add auto shutdown feature to safe poweroff the Pi, and a slot for removable battery to expand the battery and use it for powering on the Pi on the go.

  • 1 × Old Motherboard 2 pin connector the yellow thing on the photos uset to disconnect the battery
  • 1 × Small battery (i have no tools to mesure mah) you can use any size you want
  • 1 × Step up converter to 5v 2a from old PowerBank
  • 1 × 5v Charging and protection circuit
  • 2 × 20 pin male to female strips for creating the hat


    Dimitris Matsoukas05/23/2017 at 18:38 0 comments

    UPDATE: added 2 wires for connecting external li-ion, li-po batteries so it can be used as Pi on the go.

    Also added a shutdown button at pin GPIO 17 and GND. You can of course change it to your needs.

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