Flushed out a few more details

A project log for Baby Phone

All babies today love teething on their parents phones. Baby Phone will be designed to look like but be more rugged than a normal phone.

jeremy.darlingjeremy.darling 08/01/2014 at 15:460 Comments

Took a bit of time this morning to flush out a few more details in my mind about how I want baby phone to function.

There are already several examples in the wild of creating capacative touch switches utilizing normal BCB's with large areas of copper available to sense when they are being touched or when a touch is near them.  For this reason I'm planning on placing a backplane behind the display with 8-16 segments built in that can be used to sense little fingers and toes being mashed on the display.  This should give a close approximation of where the device is being touched and thus interactions with the screen should be viable.

I'm also starting to think about the UI and how it should work/react.  Across the top of the screen will be a small bar displaying the battery life.  This will change from black to white (or some other color combination) and be displayed as a very basic progress bar.  All black and the battery is pretty much dead, all white and its fully charged.

The home screen will have a few buttons on it.  One that will flash colors, one to play sounds (maybe, if I can fit it into the design), maybe a paint mode, show animal pictures, show letters/numbers, etc... are all different ideas for "apps" I have thought of.  Will allow for these home screen apps to be customized a bit.  Though details still unclear as to how.

More to come as I work through things.