Updates: Digikey parts list, and more

A project log for Baby Phone

All babies today love teething on their parents phones. Baby Phone will be designed to look like but be more rugged than a normal phone.

jeremy.darlingjeremy.darling 08/11/2014 at 02:050 Comments

Tested the screen out with a standard blue ray player and was quite impressed at the output resolution for a simple cheap $15 display.  Nice crisp colors and lines for the size.

Got the screen torn down and started marking out the IC's, connectors, and what connections go where as well as what they do.  I've uploaded a preliminary image showing what I've identified so far.

Got my parts list put together for Digikey and have the propeller ordered.  Didn't bother ordering the resistors as I already have those lying around someplace.  I also didn't order the Crystal as I missed it in my design originally, hope I have one lying around :)

Validated that there is JUST enough room inside the case that the display came in to reuse it and basically dead bug all of the parts directly in place.  Got some pictures of the internals too that I will post once I transfer them from my phone to my computer.

Finally, I setup the GitHub repo for this project.  There isn't any code up there yet as I don't have the propeller to validate that I'm even headed in the right direction.  If I don't get the propeller in time I may have to put up some known good test code until I can get it all started in the right direction.

Only thing left to do is to create the video introduction.... Yeah... Not looking forward to doing that, I hate making videos.  Will be the last thing I do this week, that much I can almost guarntee.