Unstandardised Time

Developing an Augmented Reality tool for the creation of personal time zones.

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Time is a social construct; it is both real and virtual, driven both by our perception of it passing as well as the technology used to measure and display it. Unstandardised Time is an exploration of the representation of time in modern society and proposes a new system where people’s active time is mapped around their social commitments, work, and desired lifestyles instead of their geographical location and societal norms.

Increasing globalisation necessitates the rethinking of the standardised time system developed in the geographically-immobile 19th Century context to provide a more effective solution for international communication and collaboration for the modern day, and a more accommodating system for people to develop their own daily schedules, away from the standardised ‘9-to-5’.

The proposed system is based in the near-future context in which Augmented Reality is as pervasive as smartphones are today. Through the ability to create and communicate personal time zones, and the development of new interactions such as intuitive scheduling and synchronisation between individuals and groups, Unstandardised Time aims to provide people with the agency to remap their time around themselves.


prototype social scheduling interface

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