GreenDot - Environmental Impact Calculator

GreenDot is an app that allows consumers to calculate the environmental impact of product packaging at the point of purchase.

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Using the smartphone's scan capability, GreenDot connects with an Environmental Impact assessment database and through a proprietary algorithm, calculates the environmental score (EI) for a consumer product's packaging, right at the point of purchase.
In addition, it connects the shopper to a series of comparable, alternative products with better scores; as well as a plethora of reuse ideas in its community of users.
As shoppers encounter products not featured in the database, they are invited to submit them for assessment, crowd-sourcing the app's increase in capability.
It is an intuitive, easy-to-use app intentguide purchase decisions toward a sustainable planet.

Greendot XD- Submit by

GreenDot - Submitting new product

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Greendot XD - Check by Scan

GreenDot - Checking product's EI by scan

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