Dynamic Model of Mechanical Drive Systems

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Canberk Suat GurelCanberk Suat Gurel 06/16/2017 at 13:450 Comments

In the MapleSim environment, the rotations of the revolute joints are controlled in joint space where are altered directly by applying signals to the joints. However, in real life, the rotation of the joint actuator is controlled by control signals, i.e. voltage or current. Therefore, the dynamic model of the motion system is crucial to deduce the relationship between the control signals and the rotation of the revolute joints. It is also used to obtain the relationship between control signal and joint actuator forces which serves the purpose of choosing the suitable actuators. The Figure 1 shows the mechanical model of a permanent magnet (PM) DC motor that is connected to an inertial load through a gearbox with a ratio of.

Figure 1

The fundamental mechanical relationship that defines the system in Figure 3 is given by Equation 1 which is also referred as torque balance equation

where the terms are given by Table 1.

Table 1