Waiting on Modules

A project log for Intelligent Ski-Course

Autonomous buoy network for a slalom-ski course connected to your ski, deployed by simply throwing it all overboard.

HardieHardie 08/05/2014 at 18:370 Comments

At the moment, not too much is happening in the electronic-hardware department. Currently we are waiting on NRF24L01 modules, wireless charging modules and some boost converters. The RF modules out of these are really the ones keeping us behind. Nevertheless, the all important work of building an intuitive user interface has begun. 

The controller, or ISBController as named in the Github Rep, will be the sole means of communicating with the course. It will be responsible for sending commands, receiving alerts as well as regular updates. For now, a simple user-interface framework has been written to start populating menus. 

In this waiting process 1 of 2 main internal plastic structures have been developed (iteration 2 in the photo). This part will be responsible for housing the GPS, compass and transceiver at the top of the PVC pipe. A simple bolt mechanism on the side allows this section to be fixed flush at the top of tube.