Rapid Prototyping

Adaptive Nodes are designed to allow rapid prototyping without having to write a single line of microcontroller code, saving resources for research and development. Want to control a relay? Tell the Adaptive Node to switch to IO mode and wire that relay to that pin. If that’s too much, simply stack on a pre-made relay Module. Adaptive Nodes are aware of other Nodes in the immediate area. This includes automatic relaying of information between the nodes in the area. Prototyping a massive home sensor network? No problem! Short range messages are automatically forwarded along the network.


Adaptive Nodes were first prototyped and designed in 2013 as a base for rapidly building prototyping wireless hardware. The primary goal was low cost, compact, hardware boards, that can be adapted for a high number of projects. Many projects have been made based on the Adaptive Node prototype hardware – Solar Controller with power usage, motion detectors, tri-copter (using 3 nodes). All the software is custom built using the pheromone network stack.

Early prototype work used Through Hole components sourced mostly from US sources. Although we will sell US made kits, they will most likely end up being the same cost as the fully assembled SMD kits.


The base SDK uses C# to talk with a node. Sample code will be added to Github so you can begin rapidly prototyping right away or use the sample code as your starting point. When using the base Adaptive Node firmware, you can send commands to configure your Adaptive Node for specific scenarios. However, Adaptive Nodes can be flashed with a modified Arduino bootloader to allow over the air programming.

Costs / Building your own

Adaptive Nodes were meant to be small and cheap, this means the barebones needed to get things running are on the board.We’ll be publishing direct links to Oshpark to order your own SMD PCB or directly order from us to get the mass produced Chinese boards.

Going forward

We are on our 2nd version of the board.Our vision is to have enough interest that we can make a massive bulk order that would include the radio on a single board, no more add-on radio needed.