• First Thoughts

    MCD07/03/2017 at 20:06 0 comments

    We are now ready to present the first Thoughts about the functioning of the Console.

    The main part of software to process the whole DMX rendering will be NodeJS. Node allows us to easily setup a GUI in a browser with HTML and CSS, with Socket.io and JavaScript we can also easily bring function into this GUI.

    The whole DMX output will be handel by OLA(Open Lightning Architecture) which saves us lot of time instead of spending hours to bring DMX interfaces and ArtNet to work.

    NodeJS and Python as an interface will talk with the IO of the Raspberry so the Faders and Buttons are interpreted.

    Using this web technologies makes the PC and Smartphone Application easy to create. Also, adopting the program to other OS will go to be simple(or better: we hope so).

    That's it for this time, we will write you when we actually begin to build this thing.