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The goal is to build a DIY Scanning Electron Microscope (DIY SEM) with commonly available materials

Chris.deerlegChris.deerleg 04/06/2018 at 02:040 Comments

GNU Octave

For the PC software I choose GNU Octave. A very powerful math tool kit with a option to include a graphic user interface. The download link for octave. Also very useful are the big variety of additional support packages on this page . I use the instrument-control package which contain the driver to user the serial interface. A useful descriptor for use the serial interface is this page

The above linked video series gave me a introduction to Octave GNU.

Andreas Weber example code was very helpful to understand how a GUI in Octave is build.

h.plot_title_label = uicontrol ("style", "text",
                                "units", "normalized",
                                "string", "plot title: (text)",

I struggled a little bit until I understood that with ( = uico(...)) ui elements are placed.

 h = guidata (obj);
  switch (gcbo)
guidata (gcf, h)

guidata store the handle of the ui elements and guidata and gcbo gives the handle back in the function.

Another big challenge is to create a timer which calls periodically a function. I found a good approach on the following page  The approach is to use the event hook to call a function. I was able to call the function about every 100ms.