1. Open the sleeping bag and evenly distribute the carbon rope on the inner surface, as on the photo.

2. Prepare several lengths of wire and lay them as shown in the photo and on an equivalent circuit.

3. Strip wires at the intersection points with the carbon ropes and wrap it tightly.

4. Connect female power socket plug connector.

Secure carbon ropes and wires with duct tape.
With such a length and voltage of 12 volts, the carbon rope will only heat up to 30-40 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the duct tape will not melt or peel off.

I've already used this sleeping bag in several hikes and the duct tape is still securely in place. It is soft enough and does not interfere with sleeping. The volume of the collapsed sleeping bag did not change. I think this is a good solution for express DIY designs but in the next project I want to use a sleeping bag with a detachable lining to sew the carbon cord to the lining.