Bought a VEVOR 3020 usb CNC from ebay

from a Chinese seller called "discountdesignsltd "

They delivered the machine from a German warehouse , after 3 days , complete with software and activation code for it ( coupled to the serial no of the USB controller box ) .

So far so good. It worked fine , until the program & firmware did an automatic update .

After that , the serial # of the USB controller box was changed , and the software

( PlanetCNC: "USBCNC controller" ) felt back to demo mode. ( only 25 steps are executed ).

The Chinese vendor sent me a new activation code for the changed serial ,

but after one use I got the same problem .

Serial no of the USB controller box changed again , and software goes back to evaluation mode .

Anyone can help me . Don't know what can be done anymore . Hopeless !!!

I think i'm very cheated !!!

Regards , Roland