ROSbot - autonomous robot platform

Open source & connected universal robot platform. ROS-powered. Sensors: LIDAR, camera, IMU, encoders, distance sensors. 4 DC motors.

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It's hard to find an affordable robot platform for rapid autonomous robot development. Something that can be a base for custom service robots, inspection robots and robots working in swarms.

This is why we are creating ROSbot as a project everybody can use to avoid building own autonomous robot platforms from scratch.

Together with BOMs, CAD files, wiring schematics etc. we are working on ROS tutorial dedicated for this platform. It will allow everybody to start using this advanced software much faster.

Husarion CORE2 is a computer inside ROSbot - coming soon on Crowd Supply:

STL files of ROSbot chassis

x-zip-compressed - 520.99 kB - 05/19/2017 at 09:58



Assembly instruction for ROSbot

Adobe Portable Document Format - 6.50 MB - 05/15/2017 at 14:37

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  • 1 × Husarion CORE2-ROS
  • 1 × RPLIDAR2
  • 1 × Digital camera
  • 1 × MPU9250
  • 4 × SHARP GP2Y0A41SK0F

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