Reboot Plug

Relax your router will REBOOT in 25 second
Saving your Energy.

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The idea in this project is design to lazy people and want to save energy .
It's starting by my router always stuck or can't connect to ADSL . You will say why i don't change router?
Reason is new router will stuck the same when thunder around (Cambodia usually rain). I have only 2 choice
1- I need to pay 35$ per month(price in Cambodia) for ISP(Internet Service Provider).
2-I need to get of room and reboot the router pull off electricity wire.
and now I have another ideas is :
Build REBOOT PLUG. That build price under 20$ .
By programming automatically restart router when it can't to ping to the internet.
In reboot plug I will design timer and switch on/off by android app . It's easy for User to saving Energy and save Time to do another thing more useful.
Finally, If it work nice and get more support i will put it to the kickstarter for refunds for this project grow well.
Thank you for reading . < ( ̄ ︶  ̄) >

  • My idea is using ESP8266 switch on/off via relay
  • Ping to every 5 second if False in 5 time it's mean router has disconnect from ADSL.
  • Design Circuit
  • I make 3D printing box for easy to plug and play.
  • Create Android App for Flexibleconfigure ESP8266 EEPROM (Sorry i don't have mac to develop app IOS).
  • Can reboot more than router. Like (Computer Hosting, Raspberry Pi, Smart home device )
  • Can Set timer on/off , Example (Lamp , boiler ,etc.

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alpha le ciel wrote 06/11/2017 at 07:11 point

Thank you  for your interesting :D. Maybe I late for update port.

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Michael Doody wrote 06/10/2017 at 19:46 point

I really like this project. I am hoping that you can get a good product to do what you want to do. 

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