Screen Capability Development

A project log for Schön Core

Schön Core is a series of Central Processing Units ( CPU ) based on the Scott Architecture by J. C. Scott

Kim Chemnitz ChemnitzKim Chemnitz Chemnitz 07/18/2017 at 18:290 Comments

Schön Core 1.Generation Delta v.0.3.0 has a whole new type instruction set ( all the other types except Lite versions have 4 bits dedicated for functions ). Its function bits is now 5 bits ( mostly because the ALU needs that many for all the necessary functions ) and is going to be able to handle screens with the dimensions up to 4294967296 by 4294967296 pixels ( the previous was able to handle 64 by 32 pixels ) and have the ability to control opacity and colour for each pixel ( previous was only on or off ) and since it's 32 bit it also have the space for 8 bit opacity. Not only the ability for better images but it is also going to get better inter computer controls ( as you may have noticed I really focus on inter computer connection efficiency because I think it is the way forwards in technology )