Schön Core Delta v.0.3.0 ALU

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Schön Core is a series of Central Processing Units ( CPU ) based on the Scott Architecture by J. C. Scott

Kim Chemnitz ChemnitzKim Chemnitz Chemnitz 08/05/2017 at 15:050 Comments

The new Schön Core Delta v.0.3.0 ALU is going to get brand new functions since the new versions have 5 bit dedicated to different functions as well as the Control Unit which includes a small  FPGA that I designed ( which is probably really inefficient and small compared to 'modern' FPGA's ), multiplication ( physical computing ), division ( physical computing ) and 1 bit logic ( which uses ffffffff as true and aaaaaaaa as false )

I am also going to use CLA Adders to both add and subtract ( probably also Mul and Div ) to make it way faster than the ripple version ( since it's 32 bit it'd take tremendous amounts of time to compute with ripple adders )

I really hope to make the new ALU way more flexible than the previous versions and also faster but as a consequence way bigger since it has to have a FPGA, CLA Adder, physical Mul, Div etc.