7. Conclusion

A project log for Hexapod Modelling, Path Planning and Control

My Final Year Dissertation Project - Awarded with a First Class Degree

canberk-suat-gurelCanberk Suat Gurel 07/05/2017 at 15:290 Comments

This is a simulation-based project which aimed to model a hexapod robot in the MapleSim environment and to implement different path planning algorithms and a hierarchical control architecture. This report has presented the theoretical background, design, implementation, and control of a circular body shaped hexapod robot. The simulation model has successfully navigated between a start point and a given target point on a level terrain with randomly placed obstacles. It has been discovered and confirmed with a Maplesoft employee that the Contact Library in MapleSim is not suitable for legged-locomotion on an uneven terrain whereas wheeled-locomotion on an uneven terrain can be implemented by using the Tire Library. For that reason, an uneven terrain was constructed in the MATLAB environment and it was shown that the Footstep planner has successfully worked on an uneven terrain as well as a level terrain. Since the rest of the control hierarchy remains the same, it can be said that the provided system will potentially work on an uneven terrain.