Automated Water cooler for healthy Air

Control water cooler, Air spin, temp and humidity from mobile phone. Low cost workflow and #beatTHEheat concept. Healthy Air no carbon

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On WCD hackday 2017 with netwrkspider started project. For automating the Water cooler with lower cost.
#beatTHEheat via automate Water cooler #WorldCreateDay
Some cool features:-
- Control from web
- Waterflow sensor
- Change AirSpin
- Control power
-Check humidity & Temp Sensor
- Open source App for control
Build things quick & beat summer

Collect different temperature and humidity data and automatically control the air spin and water flow.

use API to get weather and humidity level

People who ever sit in front of water cooler, they know if we control water and air moisture, then it can beat Air Conditioner in cooling and also It is more healthy than some Carbon inhaling air.

Actually It is idea during WCD, So people want to contribute and need help for making same are welcome #DM

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rohan.wadhwa09 wrote 10/23/2019 at 02:37 point

it is really amazing. In this rapidly growing world- we are expecting the smart things. Brilliant brains like you, actually made them reality. Kudos.  

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