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A project log for QUIBot

A hand-gesture controlled robotic arm

kurimawxx00kurimawxx00 05/25/2017 at 02:130 Comments

May 3: Considering NodeMCU for both transmitter and receiver. Established communication but delay is very significant.

May 8: Purchased XD-RF transmitter and receiver. Somehow can't get it to work. Also, the frequency might be to low and susceptible to interference.

May 15: Decided to buy NRF424L01. Works with a very short delay time. Range is surprisingly good.

May 17: Started building the transmitter circuit. MPU6050 reading works quite well.

May 18: Built the receiver board. Works well but messy.

May 19: Decided to buy Arduino Proto Shield for the receiver. Also bought adapter for NRF24L01.

May 22: Created optical flex sensor. Works but needs constant sensitivity adjustments.

May 23: Finished transmitter board and attached to glove.

May 24: Finished project