Hackaday prize semi-finalist!

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HexastormHexastorm 09/10/2019 at 20:470 Comments

Hey all,

I made it to the Hackaday Prize 2019 semi-finals! I am really happy with the feedback from the community and the honor to be among these twenty amazing finalists out of these even more amazing applications. I have seen great projects on Hackaday; not only in this contest but in general.  The two most related to my project that were featured on this site are; OpenExposer and Ldgraphy.

The best thing is that Hackaday gives me an even bigger excuse to work on the project.
I aim to show once more that I have a working prototype and will try to create PCBs. These results can then hopefully be used for the final video. I will also try to make a brief technical presentation.
In the 3D printing realms the most important patent I am able to circumvent is US9079355; the scanning mirror patent by Envisiontec which is valid up to 2033.
I have mentioned others. Recently, I got informed that Apple Computers filed a patent for a Scanning Mirror Display Devices. It's a virtual reality set, like the Fiber Scanning Display I discussed earlier from Magic Leap.
Obviously;  I claim everything, including the fancy pictures and sensors, Apple Computer claims but than for "Scanning Prism Display Devices" I call this prior art, see my earlier blog.

but let's continue with that prototype now...